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How Can You Know You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Do you have jaw pain or have a jaw that looks out of place or damaged in some way? If this is a problem that you have, you may need to look into corrective jaw surgery.

This is a surgical procedure that is done to correct any kind of jaw issue. It is typically necessary if your jaw has sustained some kind of injury or is deformed in some way.

These are all things that can have a negative impact on how you are able to use your jaw and how it looks.

Those who do end up needing to have corrective jaw surgery experience a huge success rate in fixing the issue.

How to Know If You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you have any kind of jaw-related issue, you may wonder if you qualify for corrective jaw surgery. This is a good option to look into if you have problems with your jaw.

All kinds of people qualify for jaw surgery depending on the issue and whether or not they are in pain.

The jaw is a very important bone that carries a lot of responsibilities. That is why any kind of jaw issue should be quickly addressed by your orthodontist or dentist.

Keep reading to find out what symptoms may indicate that you need corrective surgery for your jaw.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a very common symptom of someone who needs corrective jaw surgery. This typically causes chronic pain that is mild to severe, depending on the case.

Jaw pain can also be a symptom of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which can be fixed with jaw surgery. This can create long-term jaw pain that needs to eventually be resolved.

Chronic pain can be very hard to deal with, especially if it is jaw pain. If you are having chronic jaw pain, this is something that could require corrective jaw surgery to fix.


People may also experience headaches if they need corrective surgery on their jaw. This can be the result of a jaw injury, jaw deformity, or a connected symptom to jaw pain.

Headaches can be easily triggered by anything that has to do with your jaw. In more severe cases, these headaches can even turn into migraines that can last several hours to several days.

Corrective jaw surgery can help to fix this issue by correcting the problem within the jaw. This will take pressure off of the other nerves in the face that are creating headaches.

Trouble Biting and Chewing

If you need jaw surgery, you may experience chewing problems and issues biting into things.

This could be due to pain that is caused by the movement of biting and chewing. It could also be the result of a deformed jaw.

A jaw that is irregular can be misaligned and cause issues when you try to bite or chew. The jaw must fit together perfectly, and any irregularities can make it hard to use your jaw properly.

A healthy jaw will be aligned almost perfectly and cause no pain when it is moving. Chewing and swallowing will also not be an issue.

Open Bite

Open bite is a condition where your top and bottom teeth have a gap between them when your mouth is closed. This can affect the way your teeth look as well as how you speak.

If the open bite is severe enough, it may require corrective jaw surgery to fix. This is a good option because an open bite can affect a lot of different things including how well you can chew.


Snoring is a lesser-known symptom that is associated with people who need corrective surgery on their jaw.

Snoring at night can be a symptom of sleep apnea, which is a symptom of a misaligned jaw. Misaligned jaws can obstruct your breathing pathway, making it harder to breathe normally at night.

Sleep apnea is a condition that can become dangerous if it is very severe. It is also uncomfortable and cannot be cured all on its own.

Corrective jaw surgery can help to improve or remove sleep apnea altogether if your jaw is misaligned. This will improve your quality of sleep as well as make your jaw feel better and look better.

Unbalanced Appearance

You might have a jaw irregularity or deformity if it appears to be unbalanced or off-center. This will make your face look unbalanced or your jaw lopsided or crooked.

This is a very strong sign that your jaw is not aligned correctly, which could be causing issues.

This is more than just a cosmetic issue, as it can lead to more serious symptoms later on. A misaligned jaw can cause berating issues, biting problems, jaw pain, headaches, and more.

Just because it may seem like a cosmetic issue doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be corrected with surgery. You may already have symptoms of the issue and just not know it yet.

Facial Injury

A misaligned or damaged jaw can be caused by a jaw injury. This may not seem severe at first, but issues can continue to come up in the future.

A jaw injury of any kind can cause significant damage to the jaw and how it works. This can affect how you are able to use it and how it feels.

Jaw surgery can help to correct any damage that was done and correct your jaw. This has a high success rate and can help your jaw to be as good as new again.

How to Know When You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery

There are several jaw issues that clearly indicate that you are in need of jaw corrective surgery. This is an extensive surgery that is done to fix a variety of jaw-related health issues.

If you have concerns about your jaw and whether or not it needs surgery, your dentist or orthodontist should be able to help you.

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